Emma T. Kuryla

Photographer and Social Media Coordinator

Emma Kuryla is our photographer (you know, the person who takes all the photos you see on this website). She brings the same fiery passion to photography as she did when was 5 and gave herself a bowl haircut (no it was not cute, but she rocked that bad boy until it grew out #onlysomeregrets). She originally hails from Worthington, Ohio, but relocated here after following her husband (the really cute Landscape Architect – in her words) to their quaint little home they share with their 2 dogs Sushi, and Biscuit. When Emma is not behind the lens, she is likely swinging in her hammock, explaining how to bring a desert plant back from the dead or trying to survive from dysentery on the Oregon Trail.

When we think about Emma, we think about the corkscrew rush, one because it is curly and wild much like her hair, and two because she really enjoys what using corkscrews get you – WINE! Emma enjoys the Monoceros dinosaur, because she thinks they would be happy creatures. If she had a superpower, she would want to teleport so she can see her family out of state. Her enemy would be time travel because if it was in the movies, you could at least make one sequel out of it.

Emma’s Top 3 Favorite Projects: