Derek L. Kuryla


Partner, Design and Sales Director

Derek is our Landscape Architect, but he does a little bit of everything. He also likes to pretend Sushi is not his boss (we all know the truth). Derek is from Hudson, Ohio, and has been in the “Landscaping Biz” as people say (no one says this, but do not tell Derek) since he was born. He grew up on the same property that the KGK Firm sits on now. He left Hudson for a while to find his own path in the “Landscape Biz,” working for MKSK in Columbus, Ohio before returning home to KGK. Due to this, if Derek was a landscaping material, he would be a stone boulder. Stone boulders are the cornerstone of landscape design, and they make any landscape go from ordinary to extraordinary.

When Derek is not burning the midnight oil at KGK making sure every project is to our high standards, he is at home with his 2 pups (Sushi and Biscuit) and wife (Emma). They are typically hanging outside, discussing things like Derek’s amazing sense of smell (which is good enough to be used as a party trick) and Derek’s second favorite dinosaur – the Pterodactyl. If Derek were to have superpowers that he wanted (because he does not always love his superhuman smell power) he would want to fly. He would be okay if his arch enemy could see through walls, because he would not be flying inside anyway.

Favorite Projects