Joyce M. Kuryla

Founder, Partner, Finance and HR Director

Born and raised in Youngstown – the “steel town” known for football, toughness, pizza, churches, and gangsters. Joyce came to Hudson, Ohio fresh out of college at THE Ohio State University (O-H… we all know you just yelled I-O!) with her nature loving husband who started a little company called KGK. As all women know, behind every great man there is an equally great woman making sure all things happen and run correctly. and That is exactly what Joyce did right from the get go.

As the Financial and HR Director for KGK, she handles company financials, and technology management. Outside of work, Joyce can be found creating classic cocktails with a twist, or hunting for great new restaurants to try. However, Joyce’s all-time favorite thing to do is be with her family outdoors. If Joyce were a landscape material, she would be Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis, (or for us folks who need help with our latin terms – the Nootka Cypress). The Nootka Cypress is quietly majestic, brings a freshness to the air, and is a perfect focal point to any mantel as your family gathers around.

Joyce’s Top 3 Favorite Projects