Ken G. Kuryla

Founder, Partner, Operations and Facilities Director

Ken is the President of KGK. As the president, he does not spend much time writing bios for websites, in fact he does not spend much time indoors at all. Ken has delegated these tasks to a more “indoorsy” person. Here is what an “indoorsy” person wrote:

Some could argue that Ken’s landscape dreams and career began way back when he was a young child growing up on his family’s LynMar Horse Farm, which is the same plot of land where KGK’s headquarters sits today. Others have stated that he is the real-life Lorax, and who are we to say he isn’t? Ken’s personal motto is, “I love life. Each day is just one more day to appreciate nature”. If Ken were a landscaping material, he would be the Ginko Tree. The Ginko Tree is the oldest living plant and dates back to prehistoric times. This is a perfect segway to tell you his second favorite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of lizards.

Who is Ken to KGK? He is our root system; the integral system that helps KGK remain grounded while supporting all areas of KGK to continue growth. Ken has ensured this right from the beginning when he founded KGK right after graduation from THE Ohio State University as a horticulturist (AKA a Lorax). He began with a single employee (himself), a few machines, and a work ethic that just would not quit. We have seen him wake up before roosters. Today he has grown KGK today a million-dollar firm.

Ken’s Top 3 Favorite Projects:

(He actually picked 6 and he is the boss so these are his top 6)