Jules K. Protz

Landscape Designer

Jules is from the Northeast Ohio area and spent her younger days partaking in the many questionable fashions her time period offered. Now-a-days she dresses as a typical Designer to appear that she does not still long for those days of big bright hair and rainbow nails.

Jules is KGK’s newest Landscape Designer and so far, she does not want to give up her hidden talents, but do not worry we will get them out of her one day. At work she has the best job ever, drawing pretty pictures with markers and a computer. When Jules has spare time (just kidding, she did not even know what that meant) she likes to debate what the best superpower for her would be. She chose the power of luck manipulation because it would be awesome to always have things go your way. Her arch villain would have mind-reading abilities because they could understand her choices and be lucky first.

Jules is quite the bookworm! This lady is working her way through 52 books this year. We can only assume that at least one of those books was about her second favorite dinosaur, the Stegosaurus. Jules said, “A landscape can be beautifully designed, but without the right plants it will always feel incomplete”. It makes perfect sense that if she were a landscape material, she would be a Magnolia, because it always gives off the right kind of vibe to all landscapes.

Jule’s Top 3 Favorite Projects