Sushi M. Dog

True Boss

Sushi worked her way up from the ground floor. If she were a landscape material, she would be dirt. Sushi would be dirt because she oddly enjoys eating it. Do not tell her we told you. She became a member of the KGK Firm in 2017 at just 9 weeks old, and still holds the title for youngest KGK employee at only 5 years old. She is the true boss of everyone, and wields her power always in a borderline professional manner.

When Sushi is not being the boss, you can find her playing with her two favorite pets’ – mom and dad, zooming around her backyard with her brother Biscuit, soaking in her private pool, or doing light landscaping in her sandpit. Occasionally you will find her debating why the minmi is only her second favorite dinosaur (we can tell you that it is likely because her hidden talent is making pterodactyl sounds). When Sushi grows up, she plans on taking over the firm and making it into a dog park landscaping company. However, she likely will not get there because she spends most of her day dreaming about having super bark powers and defeating the evil bunnies that live behind the office.

If you were hoping to check out some of Sushi’s work, we must tell you we are still waiting on her to do any; however, if you come in to the office, you can see her great talent of greeting people and convincing them to pet her.

Sushi’s Top 3 Favorite Projects

(that she didn’t do a single thing to help with)