Dave M. Buffington

Senior Construction Supervisor

Dave hails from a small quaint town, which was once described as “technically” a college town, that is now full of mostly elderly people. Dave spent his youth dancing to the beat of his own drum while rocking some questionable styles. Dave still takes great pleasure in being himself, which is why it makes perfect sense that his second favorite dinosaur is the pterodactyl (it even spells its name as it pleases, the ‘p’ isn’t even necessary). While at work you can find Dave working on our construction jobs, when we asked him what he does he stated “I build hardscapes, I do not prune, or mow grass” and he could not be more correct, he does not do either of those things. This is why it only makes sense that if he was a landscaping material he would be a rock, because they are super strong and hard to move (and he would know because he spends a lot of time moving rocks). When not in the construction world, Dave is found relaxing with his family, or more likely tinkering with broken machines to make them work again just like a modern day…. MacGyver? We as KGK can neither confirm or deny that he is like the aforementioned character.

Dave’s Top 3 Favorite Projects: