Micky A. Macdowell

Landscape Supervisor

Micky is what some would call our in-house plant manager (you know for like living plants, not like a factory because we work outside here at KGK). He ensures that all the plants we handle are expertly installed, pruned, and cleaned up leaving the most spectacular of landscapes behind. His outgoing personality and hard work ethic is apparent as soon as this man wakes up (we asked his secret and we are glad to report he gave it to us, an international clock that never fails and a good vitamin B does the trick). When Micky has down time you will find him taking long hikes and watching plenty of crime documentaries (Who doesn’t, right?). However, when he does choose to take part in less morbid activities you will find him collecting anything sports related or things, he finds interesting (we are going to take a wild guess and say the interesting things are also probably sports things). When we asked Micky what he would like to be as a landscaping material he said he would want to be a piece of bluestone in the shape of Ohio. He explained that it is because he finds them eye catching likes and he likes to collect these interesting stones and try to use them in projects.

Micky’s Top 3 Favorite Projects: