West Akron Courtyard

This welcoming bluestone patio and sandstone border creates an inviting backyard entertaining space. This west end Akron home is on a tight lot with very limited space on the rear portion. The challenges to the site included an existing large deciduous tree, existing arborvitae hedge along the back lot line, and constraints brought on by the footprint of the home. The built-in natural stone grill and bar allows the hosts and their guests to enjoy their time outside together day or night. In the evenings the warm glow of the permanent string lights gives a feeling of being in the coziest of living rooms, while surrounded by beautiful square sandstone raised planters under the canopy of the mature tree. When it is time for guests to depart, they are guided by beautiful bluestone stepping stones, in a visually appealing rock garden.


South Side

Interior Design: Hazel Tree Design Studio