Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Nature Playscape

KGK was chosen to be part of a team of consultants to design and build an area within the park that creates an inviting nature scape that allows children, and even grownups, to take part in unstructured play. The Nature Discovery Ridge is composed of several interactive areas where your imagination and natural instincts can be explored and learned about the natural elements that surround them.

The series of willow arch tunnels is the most coveted attraction that begs the visitors to hide, climb, and run around and throughout the park. A tranquil running stream runs throughout the nature scape that invites the user to play and learn how to use the old-fashioned water pumps and use the hollowed-out logs and wooden buckets to transport water to various areas in the playscape. Among the many structures found inside the nature scape, an outdoor kitchen area supplied with all natural cooking supplies invites young imaginative chefs to bring the park community together with a fanciful meal. The surround of the park boasts native plantings that incorporate fencing lined with carved wooden benches and large barn stone seating.


West Side

Architecture: DS Architecture, Peninsula Architects

General Contractor: Hummel Construction

Landscape Architect: Learning Landscapes