Norman C. Cat

Shop Guy

Norman is the shop guy; he is the guy who makes sure that everyone is always on duty at the shop. It is hard work, but someone has to do it. Norman came to KGK at the ripe age of 12 weeks, we tried to ask him where he came from but being a man of mystery, he did not tell us, he has been on the clock ever since. He is one of the hardest working members of KGK, yes, he naps on the clock but look at this face we cannot help by pay him. We wish we could say that when the supervisors and laborers come to the shop every morning Norman is there demanding that they get right to work. Instead, Norman typically greets the supervisors and laborers with meows of wanting attention, likely to tell them about his second favorite dinosaur the Chungkingosaurus, or to get pets (these pets are a trick, do not fall for this, it is a ploy to sneak attack you with rabbit kicks). Work hard, play hard is Norman’s motto. When Norman does take the occasional self-care day, he can be found exploring the vast property looking for tasty living snacks, before taking another much-needed nap. While he is taking his naps, we are sure Norman dreams about having the power to eat whatever he wants without getting any chunkier, while he battles the evil skinny neighbor cat. When we think of Norman it is hard to pick just one landscaping material he would be, but in the end we all agreed he would be a concrete, because he always brings stability and strength to the shop.

Norman’s Top 3 Favorite Projects: