Cole C. Sukys

Landscape Design Intern

Cole is the ‘other’ design intern within our firm. He likes to start his day with a good cold brew, some avocado toast, and a deep love of landscapes. He carries that love of landscapes with him throughout his day as he analyzes sites, drafts in CAD, issue work orders, and most importantly sorts plants. Occasionally when the coffee wears off his mind can wonder. This is when he dreams of having teleportation powers so that he can travel back in time to visit his second favorite dinosaur the Carnotaurus (which holds a special place in his heart ever since Disney Dinosaurs ride made him cry when he was three….TMI?). Unfortunately, this dream never lasts that long because a Lex Luthor-like villain comes in to profit from the destruction of humankind! It’s scary enough to snap him back into reality. To calm down he concentrates on water, the landscape material that he most connects with and reminds himself it is always important to go with the flow. When Cole is ‘going with the flow’, we often find him playing with one of the office dogs or chowing down on snacks he hoards in his lower desk drawer. During off work hours Cole dives into one of his many hobbies like painting Star Wars figurines, building with Legos (we assuming they are Star Wars related), or hanging out with friends and family. If you ever run into Cole out and about and want to make his day all you have to do is blast ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson (because apparently that is his jam).

Cole’s Top 3 Favorite Projects