Cedar Ravine

This historic 1800’s home is positioned quietly on a hidden drive lined with native trees and shrubs. The center island along the circular driveway is the focal piece to the property which includes massive Oak and Maple trees. The largest being in place since the home was built and the second a new addition to transition from the scale of the large maple to the newly poured asphalt driveway.

As part of the site enhancements, an addition was added to the right side of them home which created an informal side door entryway. Efforts to make this second entry secluded from the rest of the home include a great stone retaining wall, its own stone walkway, and a robust planting arrangement. Along the side of the home and directly adjacent to the new addition was a ravine that had old trees and shrubs. Our team complimented and added to the existing vegetation in order to create a further private sense of screening.


East Side

Architect: William H. Childs, JR. & Associates, Inc.

General Contractor: Eggert Construction

Landscape Architect: Virginia Burt Designs

Interior Design: William H. Childs, JR. & Associates, Inc.