Stephen J. Russell

Landscape Design Intern

Stephen is a design intern within our firm. His best friend is Sushi the dog, and his favorite food is Sushi (it only gets weird sometimes). Stephen loves fish as pets, he even owns a fish, called a Discus. If you talk to Stephen, he will bring up these fish and his 125 gallon tank, even if you didn’t ask. Stephen is selective in liking fish however, because he is no longer a novice aquarist. It makes sense that if he were a landscaping material, he would be Syngonanthus sp.“Belem”, because it is an underwater plant that needs an expert to raise, but with proper care and training will be one of the best plants in any aquarium.

If you were going to guess his second favorite dinosaur was a fish like dinosaur, you would be completely wrong, it is the Styracosaurus. When he is not doing intern stuff, or having his name yelled at in different tones by multiple firm members, he is hanging out with his Fiancé, Lauren, and his pup, Finn. or daydreaming about having mind control powers that he uses to defeat his enemy who controls time. We also must guess that at night he dreams about growing his fish army, and even adding some saltwater fish soldiers.

Stephen’s Top 3 Favorite Projects