Ryan D. Griffin

Junior Construction Supervisor

Ryan is someone who would describe what he does as “leaving the Earth better than it was before” and we could not agree more. Ryan is up early each day; he even handles waking up early in adverse weather extremely well (this is totally his determination and not the fact that he has a baby at home helping him). In his early years he made the choice to adorn himself with large hemp necklaces that typically were embellished with large glass mushrooms (thankfully that period is over). He did keep one thing from his past and that is his passion for guitar. When not working or being a dad, he is rocking out on his guitar playing songs about his second favorite dinosaur the velociraptor (if you have been looking for a song about velociraptors Ryan would recommend Velociraptor by Story Bots). When we asked Ryan what he would be if he was a landscaping material, he told us he would be a filter, because he can filter all the rubbish out. We also feel that Ryan is able to filter through what is important both at work and home to ensure that the best is always left to shine.

Ryan’s Top 3 Favorite Projects: